If we can spot the different forms of bullying when they happen, it becomes easier to speak up or get help. People are bullied in lots of different ways:

Physical: biting, kicking, pushing, pinching, hitting, pulling hair, or breaking or stealing someone’s belongings

Verbal: put-downs, teasing, name-calling, phone calls, sarcasm, spreading rumors, or gossip

Emotional: nasty notes, leaving people out of your group, tormenting, or socially embarrassing people

Sexual Harassment: Singling out a person because they’re a different sexual orientation, making unwanted sexual comments, or unwanted touching or kissing.

Racial: racial put-downs or name-calling, making fun of customs, skin color, accent, or food choices.

Cyber: Using the internet or cell phone to humiliate, embarrass, tease, threaten or make fun of someone else with written words or pictures.

Bullying hurts everyone involved – not just the person who gets bullied, but all of us. It hurts the whole school.