Audience Comments

“Surviving Lunch” hit me with such force that it left me speechless.  It’s raw and real yet hopeful at the same time.  For anyone wondering what it’s really like for teenagers going to high school and living with the threat of gun violence, go see this movie.”

Gayle Farber, TV Producer

“In SURVIVNG LUNCH, there are bullies, victims, and bystanders acting out harassment, peer pressure, and violence that is sadly witnessed by today’s students. The big reason to view this film is that it effectively provides ways to understand and then change how to respond to difficult situations. It gives me hope for safer schools where learning can happen and kids can thrive.”

Susan Gorin, CAE, Former Executive Director, National Association of School Psychologists

“I have recently viewed Surviving Lunch, a brilliantly produced, scripted, and acted film that addresses bullying, abuse, guns, and finding voice to stand up.  I think it has the potential to affect how our nation deals with each other and certainly it raises the red flag about the needs to be addressed within schools.  Literally have not been so moved by any film or book. Brilliantly written, filmed and acted, it captures the torture of abuse and the power we each have by modeling compassionate behavior and speaking up with heart and support.Must be seen by youngsters, teachers, administrators , legislators, parents and police/ security forces.”

-Jane Plitt, Visiting Scholar, Author, University of Rochester

“What an incredibly powerful film!! Your work with Surviving Lunch is so truly vital, and you are definitely to be commended for making a narrative film that it is both so well done and so blisteringly honest about these issues and kids’ lives.”

Chase Masterson
Film Actress and Activist Los Angeles, California/Pop Culture Hero Coalition

“Surviving Lunch is a truly powerful film that should be viewed by all families, educators, lawmakers, and concerned community members.  KT Curran has created an astounding film that masterfully touches on real issues that teens need to be made aware of….gun violence, sexual harassment, gun violence, family dynamics, relationship building, and mental health issues.  The message of Surviving Lunch needs to be seen.”

Emilie Weil, School Psychologist

“Surviving Lunch is a significant film. It portrays a wide range of bullying  – physical, verbal, emotional, racial, cyber – in an incredibly powerful, yet not preachy way. I think it needs to be seen by teenagers everywhere – and as well as everyone who cares about them.”

Barbara Brizdle, Philanthropist

“This fantastically well-written and acted film is devastatingly powerful and should be required for all legislators, school boards, and educators. I am fortunate to have never worried about my children’s safety in school. Now that they are in their thirties, it’s a different world. Their children will never enjoy that innocent environment. We must save the children. This is a powerful, gut-wrenching film that can contribute mightily to the effort.  Bravo!”

Isabel Julie Registered Nurse

“There are rare times where astounding films come around at the right time. ‘Surviving Lunch’ does just that in a time where bullying and school violence have become the norm. With a look at environments like Parkland our story takes place in a time where we can’t help but to think, discuss and react to the safety of our children today.”

Eric Radditz
Festival Founder and Director
Fort Myers Film Festival

“Excellent movie! Everyone needs to see this. It shines a bright light on bullying, unhealthy relationships, cliques, poor self-esteem, and learning to speak up for others and yourself.”
Jane Keil Yoder

“Surviving Lunch is a film for today and for everyone. The message is to find your voice and use it. See Something Say Something! Stand up for those who haven’t YET planted their feet firmly on the ground, speak up about the right ways to treat others and inspire people to have self-respect and respect for others.”

Mary Ellen Stahr, LCSW Clinical Social Worker

“Your message was felt by hundreds, and soon will sweep across this country!”
-Lisa McDevitt Sarasota Film Festival

So privileged to see this astounding film last night! As many of you know, KT is one of the most empathetic and connected people we’ve ever known, and her insight and vision is paramount. This film will rock worlds and hopefully open eyes in ways status quo news and politics have been unable to. Congrats to her, the cast, the producers, the donors, and all who were blessed enough to be part of such an unprecedented film! There are no limits to how far this will go!

-Caitlin Jones

“Wow!!!! What an amazing night we had at the premiere of Surviving Lunch at the Sarasota Film Festival. This film about school violence hits very close to home for so many reasons. We found out yesterday that they are going to build a curriculum around the movie and use it to assist schools in teaching about these very, very real issues which is absolutely needed.”
Andrea Pizutti

“Surviving Lunch should be mandatory viewing for every middle and high school child in the country. Bullying is the behavior on this earth that I dislike the most, and your movie took an unsparing view of it. Growing up small and Jewish in the Deep South was not easy. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I was called “Jew” but fortunately I was blessed with a quick tongue and friends who stood up for me. Your move was intense and at times difficult to watch but it needed to be difficult. We must as a society discuss bullying openly, and your movie should be a part of that discussion. I am glad that gun control was not the key topic in the movie. To me that would have diluted the bullying message which in my opinion was the central message of the movie. Thank you for dealing with bullying and bringing to light the heartbreaking consequences it can cause.”
-Barry Mazer

“This is a MUST watch……….please watch and share. To stop bullying in our schools and community. Even watch your own child/children that are being bullies or being bullied. This is tragic academic this generation is suffering from gun violence.”

Artie Smith

“Last night was just magical at the Surviving Lunch premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival. This powerful and important film brings to life the true issues that are occurring amongst young people in America. The film touches on gun violence, school shootings, bullying, sexual harassment, mental health, healthy relationships, and more. We were thrilled to find out last night that a curriculum is being funded to accompany the film to teach young people about these horribly scary, but real issues. The amazing director, KT Curran is a creative genius. The way in which she,and the incredible cast and crew, created this film that will touch so many lives, is just breathtaking.”

-Maria Leyva Teacher

“Congratulations to you and your team. On all levels – actor performances, your inspired direction and editing, the elegant production )co-produced so impressively by you and Jerry Chambless, beautiful cinematography by Natasha Thornton with able gaffing Tony, costumes byTiger, and ALL the contributions large and small as attested to in the credits…. Your film came together in a magnificent way! It took a village and an indefatigable leader. Please know that you made a remarkable and moving film.”

-June Battersby
Brad Battersby, Ringling College Film Program Head Ringling Film Department of Ringling College of Art &Design

“Wow! I was blown away with your film. So informative. It should be standard for all high schools. You are really professional and the actors were exceptional. Congratulations on a job well done.”

Jacqui Kaufer

“The Surviving Lunch Premiere at Sarasota Film Festival presented by Source Productions and Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central Florida left me absolutely speechless. I couldn’t be more inspired to get involved and make a change not only in our school systems but in our community as a whole. KT Curran is a true visionary and one of the most dedicated, passionate and captivating humans I have the pleasure of calling friend. I’m still full of emotion, wonder and have a true call to action. Bravo to the entire cast, crew and team who brought Surviving Lunch to life. I can’t wait for the world to see this one.”

-Brian Craft

“Thank you for the amazing opportunity to see the film “Surviving Lunch” tonight. It was a truly eye-opening film that I believe every student across the world should be required to watch!”

-Luca Stine

-Clare Segal

“Surviving Lunch……WOW what an AMAZING film!! I am speechless!! Bravo KT, Jerry and the entire cast and crew!! I can’t wait to see it again on Sunday”
-Dawn Powers Ramon

“I just watched Surviving Lunch and wanted to run home and hug my kids. Thank you KT Curran, the crew and cast of The Source Productions and thank you to PlannedParenthood of Central & South Florida for supporting conversation and education about such important topics even when it’s uncomfortable.”

-Keren Shani-Lifrak

“Such a powerful film!! I couldn’t applaud everyone associated with it enough!”

-Richard S. Scire

“It was the most amazing experience to sit and be mesmerized by this film, to see so many of that young and talented cast around us and to see the auditorium filled to capacity in awe of the amazing KT…”
-Frances Broussard

“So Proud! Bravo a thousand times over – this film was Phenomenal – the story, the acting, so real, so raw, so powerful. Let’s all remember to give off the good love and good vibes/kindness, & end bullying and school violence forever -”

-Lissa Murphy

“You hit it out of the ballpark tonight, KT!
I was tensed, upset, and crying. OMG what horrible fears these teens have to deal with. Bullying and gun threats….could happen in a second! Thank you for educating and caring about our young teens!!! Congratulations on your success!”
-Linda Segal

“Congratulations, KT Curran, cinematographer(s), editors, actors, producers, etc!! What a film. Parents, lawmakers: a must see!!!”

Barbara Banks

“The film was outstanding and extremely relevant. It touched on subjects like bullying, social media, sexual assault and gun violence, which sadly are very real and ever present in our schools today. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Surviving Lunch you should be extremely proud of this film. Your labor of love transcended through the screen!”

Jen Bisceglia

“KT is indeed s treasure and this film should be seen by every middle and high school student when school starts again in the fall of 2019! Not to mention their parents. We need to implore school boards to bring it to the attention of our principals. Starting with our own. It should required viewing on day one.”

Rita Mazer

The premier of Surviving Lunch at the Fort Myers Film Festival was remarkable! You have created a film that is timely, sobering, and so powerful. Every parent, law enforcement professional, teacher, education administrator and teen needs to watch this.

Arlene Feddo