1 Most Valuable Standing Liberty Quarters Worth Over $200 Million USD🪙

1916 Standing Liberty Quarter The 1916 Standing Liberty quarter is the Holy Grail of American coin collecting.

With only a handful known to exist, this inaugural issue features a bare-breasted Liberty, a design so controversial that it was quickly modified. 

1918/7-S Overdate Quarter Minted in San Francisco, the 1918/7-S overdate quarter is a fascinating error resulting from a 1917 die being overstruck with a 1918 date.

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This subtle but significant minting mistake wasn’t discovered until years later, making specimens extremely rare.

1927-S Full Head Quarter The 1927-S Standing Liberty quarter with the full head detail is one of the rarest in the series.

1923-S Full Head Quarter Similar to the 1927-S, the 1923-S Standing Liberty quarter with a fully detailed head is another extremely rare specimen.

Due to the high demand and low survival rate of coins in uncirculated condition, finding one with the full head detail is a significant challenge.

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