7 Best American Foods According to the World

Pork is a delicious delicacy in all forms, be it bacon or chops. But this Southern dish has earned top ranking, and it’s all thanks to the bursts of flavor you get in every bite. 

urly fries are the only thing better than regular fries, which the world agrees with. Thankfully, we can accredit curly fries to America, and their yummy goodness was picked up internationally. 

Mac and cheese is one of the most popular dishes in the world, and we all owe it to America. Parents have loved this easy dish for its simplicity and convenience; kids can’t help but devour it. 

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Pizza rolls are one of the most delicious fusion foods; these small but flavorful snacks are filled to the brim with ingredients we love, and their lightness makes them easier to love.

While chicken and waffles seem like a heavy breakfast, this dish is one of the most favorite worldwide. The light, fluffy texture of waffles pairs exceptionally well with the crispiness of the chicken, giving our taste buds a ride to flavor town.

The worldwide fame of buffalo wings should be enough to understand how delicious they are because only a few foods have left a mark on the map that quickly. 

Whoever developed lobster rolls was a genius because this delectable food ticks all the boxes. Although many prefer eating lobster plain, lobster rolls prove the seafood can shine through anything.

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