1944 Mercury Dime Value Guide

Average Circulated Condition: In average circulated condition, a 1944 Mercury dime is typically worth its silver value. As of my last update, the value of the silver in the dime is based on the current market price of silver.

Uncirculated Condition: If the 1944 Mercury dime is in uncirculated condition, meaning it has no wear and retains its original mint luster, it can be worth more to collectors 

An uncirculated 1944 Mercury dime can range in value from a few dollars to around $10 or more, depending on its condition. 

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Mintmarks: The 1944 Mercury dimes were minted in Philadelphia (no mintmark), Denver (D mintmark), and San Francisco (S mintmark). 

The mintmark can affect the value of the coin, with coins from the Denver and San Francisco mints typically being worth slightly more than those from Philadelphia. 

Errors and Varieties: Any errors or unique varieties on the 1944 Mercury dime, such as double dies or minting mistakes, can significantly increase its value to collectors.

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