20 water-filled foods that will keep your body hydrated

Anyone who has tried to gracefully eat an apple in public and ends up with juices running down their chin knows that apples have a lot of water in them. They also have a lot of fiber (3 grams), are a decent source of vitamin C (about 10% of your daily value), and contain only about 50 calories. 

Speaking of vitamin C, did you know a one-cup serving of bell peppers contains three times the amount of vitamin C as an orange? They also contain antioxidants and are more than 90% water! 

Having broccoli as part of a cookout platter will give your guests some added hydration, as this cruciferous vegetable is nearly 90% water. Eating broccoli raw is also the best way to retain its nutrients, which include fiber, iron, and vitamins C and K. 

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It may not be watermelon, but cantaloupe, another member of the melon family, is still packed with water. When served chilled, cantaloupe is also one of the most satisfying snacks on a hot day. 

Do you know how carrots look when they get all dried out and sad in the fridge? That’s because they’re mostly water—about 88% water, to be more precise. They’re also a diet-friendly snack, especially when thrown into a salad or dipped into a superfood like hummus. 

If you think of celery as green sticks of water, you’re not wrong. Celery is actually 95% water, which means when compared to carrots, it’s actually an even healthier vehicle for delivering dips, dressings, and spreads to your taste buds. And it’s a good source of potassium and vitamin K! 

Although cheese can absolutely be part of a healthy diet, the only variety that’s touted as a weight-loss food is cottage cheese. The secret? It’s 80% water! Add some strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, granola—or all four—and you’ve got yourself a cool breakfast for a hot summer morning. 

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