4 Signs Someone Likes You Without Talking

Body Language Speaks Volumes: Pay close attention to their body language when they’re around you. Do they lean in when you speak? Maintain prolonged eye contact?

According to astrologers, certain zodiac signs exhibit specific body language when they’re attracted to someone.

Mirroring Your Actions: Have you ever noticed someone unconsciously mimicking your gestures or expressions? This mirroring behavior is a subconscious sign of rapport and attraction. 

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When someone likes you, they may mirror your body language as a way to create a deeper connection. 

Frequent Smiles and Laughter: Laughter is often dubbed the universal language of happiness, and for a good reason. 

If someone is constantly smiling and laughing in your presence, it’s a strong indication that they enjoy being around you. 

Their vigilance is a result of their desire for long-term success and security, both in their careers and personal lives. 

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