Avocado Toast Recipes That Will Change Your Breakfast Forever

we will provide a basic recipe for avocado toast as well as some ideas for how you can mix things up. 

So deep that I created The perfect Avocado Toast recipe plus my five favorite ways to make it. When it comes to Avocados I'd consider myself an expert. 

With that came a lot of practice creating the the best avocado toast recipe and variations. 

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Before we get into my favorite variations of avo toast, let's dive into the basics of how to make a perfect avocado toast.   

I prefer to use something thick and grainy. More flavor and substance to hold all that beautiful avocado.  

If it's too chunky, I find that the avocado falls off and no one wants that.  

It bumps up the flavor in the best possible way and adds a bit of texture. 

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