7 Coins In Your Pocket Worth More Than Face Value

An exceptionally rare coin, the 1969-S penny with doubling on the heads (obverse) side everywhere but on the mint mark is worth a bundle.  

Technically, there are two versions of this coin: the high leaf and the low leaf. In either case, an extra leaf is clearly visible on the left side of the piece of corn on the tails (reverse) side of the coin. 

Issued in 2007, the Presidential Dollar coin was meant to have lettering on the edge, which is applied after the coin is initially struck. However, some didn’t feature the lettering. Others had edge lettering struck multiple times. 

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Another double-die penny, the 1970-S small date has a particularly weak “Liberty” on the obverse side, and the number “7” in the date is level with the other numbers. 

Until 1970, there was silver in half-dollar coins. Before 1964, half-dollar coins were 90 percent silver, making them the more valuable ones. 

Another obverse-side double-die penny, the 1972 version, which doesn’t have a mint mark, shows incredibly strong doubling. 

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