7 funny things dogs do

Have you noticed that there are a various soft spots on your dog that when you scratch them there, they kick their legs as if they’re being tickled? It is known as the scratch reflex – and a bit like people being tickled, we’re not entirely sure whether they enjoy it or not. 

Strange as it may seem for pet dogs who sleep on plush beds and carpets, but it’s an innate survival instinct whereby they’re subconsciously checking the area for danger – who knows what snakes or poisonous thorns may be lurking in your shag pile rug? 

This is one of the weirder of the funny things dogs do. It might seem an odd way of introducing yourself to a stranger, but it’s simply a normal canine greeting and how they find out about the other dog. 

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Dogs have vastly superior sense of smell to us and apparently can find out all sorts of things from this sort of greeting, from the state of emotion, gender, what their new friend eats and so on. 

It’s a very cute sight – a dog filling their nose with new smells, their ears with plenty of air and their eyes with unfamiliar sights while they’re enjoying a road trip. 

Many dogs love the sensory overload they get from poking their nose out of the window while you’re driving. And we think it gives them quite the adrenaline hit – all that air, that speed. 

– Dachshunds, also known as wiener dogs, have long bodies and short legs that make them irresistibly adorable. They are clever, curious, and often have a spunky personality. – 

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