If You Possess Any of These 13 French Coins, They Could Earn You Up to $456,000

1795 Gold 20 Francs "Hercules": These coins feature the image of Hercules and are highly sought after by collectors. Depending on their condition and rarity, they can fetch tens of thousands of dollars. – 

1848 Gold 100 Francs "Ceres Head": Coins from this series, featuring the head of Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, are quite valuable, particularly if they are in good condition. – 

1914 Gold 100 Francs "Rooster": Known as the "Coq Marianne" or "Rooster" coins, these are among the most iconic French coins. They often command high prices due to their historical significance and popularity. 

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1929 Gold 100 Francs "Lafayette": Minted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, these coins are rare and highly prized by collectors. 

1960 Silver 5 Francs "Lavrillier": This coin features a design by French engraver Oscar Roty and is considered one of the most beautiful coins in French numismatics. Rare versions or those in exceptional condition can command high prices. 

1974 Gold 50 Francs "Hercules": Similar to the 20 Francs "Hercules" coins, these are valued for their gold content and historical significance. 

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