Top 8  Signs that your Partner is Cheating on you

When your dog is around you, they exhibit relaxed body language, such as a loose wagging tail, ears in a neutral position, and a relaxed facial expression. 

Your dog seeks comfort in your presence, often choosing to stay close to you or seeking physical contact like leaning against you or lying near you. 

They allow you to handle them without showing signs of fear or discomfort, such as being easily groomed, handled, or examined without resistance. 

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Dogs display vulnerability around those they trust, such as sleeping in exposed positions, showing their belly, or yawning in your presence, indicating a feeling of safety. 

Your dog looks to you for guidance and direction in unfamiliar or stressful situations, trusting your judgment and leadership. 

They respond positively to your voice, showing excitement or happiness when you speak to them and eagerly following your verbal commands. 

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