A $570K rare dime and a rare bicentennial quarter are still in circulation.

The star of this numismatic narrative is a rare 1894-S Barber dime. 

Minted in San Francisco, only 24 of these dimes were produced, with just nine known to exist today.  

In 2016, one such dime fetched $1,997,500 at auction, a testament to its immense value and allure.  

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The possibility that a few of these dimes might still be in circulation or hidden away in a forgotten drawer fuels the dreams of many collectors. 

Equally intriguing is the rare 1976 bicentennial quarter, minted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States.  

One of the most notable is the 1976-S bicentennial quarter struck in 40% silver, issued as part of a special collector's set. 

These error coins can be worth significantly more than their face value, sometimes fetching hundreds or even thousands of dollars at auction. 

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