A mysterious coin valued at over $30 million is the 1933 Double Eagle.

This rare piece of American history is not just a marvel of craftsmanship and monetary design but also a symbol of a turbulent era in the U.S. economy. 

Valued at over $30 million, the 1933 Double Eagle is more than just a coin; it is a legend wrapped in mystery, controversy, and immense value. 

The Double Eagle was originally a $20 gold coin, first minted in 1849. 

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Its name is derived from its value, which was double that of the standard $10 gold eagle coin.  

The obverse features Lady Liberty striding forward confidently, holding a torch and an olive branch, symbolizing enlightenment and peace. 

The story of the 1933 Double Eagle is inextricably linked to the Great Depression.  

As part of this policy shift, the government ordered all gold coins to be recalled and melted down, effectively ending the production and circulation of gold coins. 

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