Astro-Art: Examining creative customs among signs

Aries: The bold and defining strokes on Aries’ creative canvas are of abstract paintings, graffiti or performing arts.

The insatiable appetite for adventure ignites their expression into dynamic flames with raw vitality.

Taurus: The graceful and enchanting allure of Taurus that embraces art as sensory indulgence, finds solace in sanctuary of luxury and comfort.

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Pottery, floral arrangements, poetry or sculpting captivates the interest of Taurus.

Gemini: Since the eclectic Geminis, embrace the multitude of ideas and mediums, they find their artistic muse in witty illustrations

multimedia installations and experimental creations where each stroke is different and new.

Cancer: Cancer’s nurturing instinct leads them to follow the path of exploring themes of nostalgia, family and intricate tendencies of human psyche.

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