Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Determine Your Humor Quotient

Aries The Aries are the most unrestrained and brazen sign of the zodiac due to their unfiltered and unapologetic nature.

These lambs are incredibly confident and are not afraid to be exactly themselves all the time.

Taurus The Taurus may be strong and stubborn, but don't be fooled - they also have a funny, playful side to their personality.

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A Taurus may come across as sensibly grounded, but he or she will also add a good dose of absurdly slapstick humour to bring the earthy, grounded energy. 

Taurians are blessed with a natural ability to hold the audience's attention on stage and be dramatic. 

Libra Librans are blessed with a great sense of humour and wit. These are pretty familiar with lulling anyone with their witty remarks and comic timing.

Their ability to connect and read people is a big part of why they are so funny. 

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