Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Here's What Your Summer Love Life Can Expect

Aries: Self-Love Summer This summer, destiny has plans in store for your relationships.

North Node, speaking of important fateful expansion, is in your sign for the season. Your individuality sector is activated. 

Directly opposing it, and in opposite nature, the South Node in Libra is activated in your relationship sector.

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Taurus: Calculated Moves Venus enters Virgo on August 4, dancing into your romance sector. This summer is sure to refresh your love life.

Rather than jumping into attraction haphazardly, your romantic decisions will be very calculated and methodical.

Pisces: Karmic Relationship Healing This summer, starting on June 29, Saturn stations retrograde in your sign, Pisces.

This summer of love becomes all about intentionality for you. You’re not looking for a fleeting connection. 

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