Best dog breeds if you're short on space

As one of the most unusual dog breeds, you’re bound to double-take when you see a Brussels Griffon. Tiny but mighty and full of character, they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation but they’ll cope with small spaces. 

The Havenese breed is the national dog of Cuba which is perhaps why it’s a hit with Hollywood actress Ana de Armas. But while she is unlikely to be short on space, you don’t actually need to live in a mansion to take one in as a pet. 

Pomeranians will be perfectly happy if you have a little bit of outdoor space for some off-lead fun. Indeed, some play inside will more than suffice on some days. 

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Known for being more at home in the home, the Toy Fox Terrier doesn’t require huge amounts of space in which to exercise so you’re going to find they fit well in apartments. 

Good behavior is crucial if you haven’t got a lot of space in your home. After all, a destructive dog can tear through a small room in no time. 

While the Silky Terrier is an active dog and so requires lots and lots of exercise, you can satisfy the breed’s needs in a small, safe, enclosed area in a short amount of time.  

Security is important if you have a Japanese Chin. Give them an opportunity to slip through a small space and they’ll take it so making sure a backyard is well-fenced and secure is so important. 

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