Best Fast-Food Milkshake You Can Order

Burger King offers a standard vanilla milkshake at a moderate price of $3.39. Here the flavor felt more like imitation vanilla rather than a pure vanilla taste 

The McDonald's shake was similar to the Burger King shake, but it arrived with a whipped cream topping. At $3.19 the price was on the lower end compared to other fast-food options. 

A McDonald's McFlurry is prepared differently then a traditional McDonald's milkshake 

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The Wendy's Frosty is a beloved fast-food staple. The name is perfect, because the texture and flavor was more of an icy or "frosty" vibe rather than a rich dairy flavor. 

The shakes are made in small batches daily with real Wisconsin dairy, and you can certainly taste the quality. Culver's milkshakes are extra thick and creamy, so ask for a straw and a spoon. 

If you're going to call your restaurant "Shake Shack," it's important to bring your "A game" when it comes to milkshakes.  

when 'shake' is right there in the name of your restaurant, the expectations are high. Steak 'n Shake did not disappoint! The ice cream was rich, and the shake was topped with a hearty amount of whipped cream.  

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