Best Halloween Candy Recipes to Make at Home

Halloween can get a bad rap for all the sugary treats associated with it. 

I still shudder thinking about all the tummy aches I had as a kid following overly-successful nights of trick-or-treating. 

Not only are they actually good for you, they can easily be packed in a goodie bag or lunchbox for a sweet treat you can feel good about. 

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We honestly wouldn't mind crossing paths with one of these black cats on Halloween night. 

Insert a popsicle stick into each one and place in a Halloween-printed seal top bag to give any night-time visitors a purranormal bite. 

Something deliciously wicked is sure to come your way when you place a batch of these buttery caramels on the kitchen table. 

Wrap each piece in some orange cellophane and secure with black and orange bakers twine so you can easily drop a square (or twelve) into trick-or-treat bags, buckets and totes all night long. 

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