Cutest Dog Breeds to Tug Your Heartstring

These little guys may be small, but they have the attitude of a big dog. 

Their luxurious double coats need some upkeep, but it is totally worth it for their adorable looks. 

If you live in an apartment, Pomeranians are perfect because of their compact size. 

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These gentle and affectionate pups have a way of looking like puppies forever. With their big, soulful eyes and silky ears, they are the definition of cute.  

You will love them as they can be fantastic companions for everyone, young and old. Also, they adapt pretty well to different living situations. Plus, Cavaliers love a good cuddle session. 

With their unique squished faces and bat-like ears, there is none like the Frenchies in the cuteness department. 

The best part is these dogs have a way of becoming the center of attention and fit right in with families and other pets. 

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