Did you know that these foods contain gluten?

1. Foods made from wheat, including bread, pasta, couscous, flour, and wheat-based cereals. 2. 

Barley is a cereal grain that contains gluten and is commonly found in products like malt, malt vinegar, and some types of beer. 

1. Rye is another grain that contains gluten and is often found in rye bread, rye beer, and certain cereals.

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While oats themselves are gluten-free, they are often contaminated with gluten during processing. Look for certified gluten-free oats if you need to avoid gluten. 

Many baked goods, such as cakes, cookies, pastries, and muffins, contain gluten due to the wheat flour used in their preparation. 

Some processed foods, including soups, sauces, salad dressings, and processed meats, may contain hidden sources of gluten as a thickening agent or filler. 

Most beers are made from barley, which contains gluten. However, there are gluten-free beer options available. 

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