Different Ways Your Dog Can Talk to You

The ‘Zoomies’ You’re lounging on the couch, enjoying a peaceful evening, when suddenly your dog starts racing around the house like a furry bullet.

Seeking High Places Have you ever caught your dog perched on top of the couch or the back of a chair, looking like they’re surveying their kingdom?

When dogs seek out higher places, it’s often because they want a better vantage point.

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Chewing on Things Is your favorite pair of shoes looking a little worse for wear, thanks to your dog’s teeth marks? 

When dogs chew on things they shouldn’t, it’s often a sign that they’re bored or anxious.

Circling Before Lying Down You know that adorable little dance your dog does before they settle down for a nap?

That’s called circling, and it’s a behavior that traces back to their wild ancestors.

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