Do Opposites Attract? Examining the Suitability of Horse and Tiger Together

Chinese astrology is an antique system that has been used for many years to explore the traits and the compatibilities of people who are born in the same animal sign of the birth year.

The Fiery and Fearless Tiger The natives of the Tiger Sign are known to be confident, brave, and good at leading. 

Tigers, being natural-born leaders, are feared and revered by the members of their group. They are always aspiring for greater things and success. 

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The Free-Spirited and Independent Horse Unlike the Tiger's fiery nature, the Horse is an individual and free-spirited sign.

Horses are known for their freedom and adventure-loving nature. They are usually happy to discover new things and look for more chances to explore the world around them.

Finding Balance in Opposites At first glance, the Tiger and the Horse may look like a weird pairing.

The Tiger's intensity and ambition could raise the issue of compatibility with the Horse's free-spirited and independent nature.

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