Dogs Can’t Stand These These 12 Smell

So strong that some scents that might be tolerable or even pleasant to humans are downright unbearable to dogs. 

Dogs actually hate some smells! These smells can either be mildly unappealing to the point where your dog simply turns up their nose, or smell so bad that they avoid the area entirely. 

You might find that you and your dog might share the same hate for certain smells, such as the harsh smell of pepper or the burning sensation of acetone. 

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Some of these smells can also be dangerous for dogs to inhale over a long period of time.  

This makes it essential to choose smells that are safe for your dog if you want to use them as a repellent or scent around the house. 

If you love the smell of citrus and enjoy citrus-smelling candles or air fresheners, you might be disheartened to find out that dogs do not share the same joy. 

The fresh lemony or orange scent may make your home smell fresh and welcoming, but many dogs find it irritating to their noses. 

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