Experts Warn People to Never Refrigerate These 8  Food Items

Some people may experience constipation due to lactose intolerance or sensitivity to dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. 

Refined grains like white bread, pasta, and rice lack fiber, which is essential for healthy digestion and bowel movements. 

Consuming too much red meat, particularly fatty cuts, can slow down digestion and contribute to constipation. 

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While bananas are nutritious, they can be constipating for some people, especially when consumed in large quantities or when not fully ripe. 

Certain fruits like apples, pears, and green bananas contain high levels of starches and pectin, which can cause constipation if consumed before they are fully ripe. 

High-fat foods like fried foods, fast food, and processed snacks can slow down digestion and lead to constipation. 

: Packaged snacks such as chips, crackers, and cookies often contain little to no fiber and may contribute to constipation. 

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