Fifty-seven Rare Bicentennial Quarters Worth Over $25 Million USD and Almost $65 Million

The Bicentennial quarters were produced in large quantities, with over 1.6 billion minted, which makes them relatively common in everyday transactions.  

The U.S. Mint produced special proof and silver-clad versions of the Bicentennial quarter, which were sold directly to collectors.  

These versions often command higher prices due to their limited mintage and superior condition. 

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Coins with mint errors, such as double strikes, off-center strikes, or incorrect planchets, are highly sought after by collectors.  

These errors are rare and typically increase a coin's value significantly. 

The discovery of fifty-seven rare Bicentennial quarters worth over $25 million USD is unprecedented in the numismatic world.  

Many of the discovered quarters are in mint state, with some graded as high as MS-68 or MS-69 by professional grading services.  

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