Five Additional Rare Bicentennial Quarters Are Worth Over $10 Million USD. One Is Nearly $7500K.

Featuring a dual date of 1776-1976 and unique reverse design by Jack L. Ahr depicting a Colonial drummer, these quarters stand out in numismatic collections. 

However, some exceedingly rare varieties have emerged that are worth astonishing amounts, with five particular quarters collectively valued at over $10 million USD.  

One of these rare pieces is nearly $7.5 million on its own. Let's delve into these exceptional coins and the reasons behind their extraordinary worth. 

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Graded by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as a Proof 70 Deep Cameo, this Bicentennial quarter is virtually flawless. 

The Deep Cameo designation means the coin has an exceptional contrast between the frosted design elements and the mirror-like background.  

Only a handful of these quarters have achieved such a perfect grade, making them incredibly desirable.  

The pristine condition and rarity contribute to its valuation of around $2 million. 

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