Five additional rare quarters worth over $10 million USD are valued at almost $9900K.

Among these treasures, five additional quarters have recently made headlines, each valued collectively at almost $9.9 million USD.  

These quarters are not only prized for their rarity but also for the fascinating stories they embody.  

The 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter is a cornerstone of American numismatics. Its rarity stems from its limited mintage; only 52,000 were struck.  

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The obverse design, with Liberty holding a shield and an olive branch, symbolizes both defense and peace.  

Today, a well-preserved specimen of this quarter can fetch prices exceeding $2 million, particularly in high grades like MS67. 

The 1932-D Washington Quarter is another highly coveted piece. 

The historical significance of this coin, combined with its scarcity, makes it a prized possession for collectors. 

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