Food parts you really shouldn't be throwing away

– Citrus peels like lemon, lime, and orange zest can add a burst of flavor to dishes, baked goods, and beverages.

– Broccoli stalks are edible and can be sliced or grated into salads, stir-fries, soups, or used to make vegetable stock.

– Watermelon rinds can be pickled or used in chutneys and stir-fries for a unique and refreshing flavor.

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– Potato skins are rich in nutrients and can be baked or fried to make crispy snacks or used in mashed potatoes for added texture.

– Carrot tops can be used to make pesto, added to salads for a fresh flavor, or used to infuse stocks and soups.

– The tough core of a pineapple can be used to infuse flavor into drinks or diced and added to smoothies for extra fiber.

– Vegetable scraps like onion skins, carrot peels, and celery leaves can be collected to make homemade vegetable broth or stock.

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