Fortune Finds: $80K Headlines for the Bicentennial Quarter List of Five More Priceless Quarters

The Bicentennial Quarter, minted in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States, has become a highlight among numismatists. 

With an estimated value soaring up to $80,000 for particular variations, these quarters hold a unique blend of historical significance and rarity that captivates collectors and investors alike. 

One of the most coveted variations of the Bicentennial Quarter is the 1976-D Double Die Obverse (DDO) quarter.  

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Double die coins occur due to a misalignment during the minting process, causing the design to be struck twice, slightly offset from each other.  

This creates a noticeable "doubling" effect, particularly on the inscriptions and sometimes on the design elements.  

The rarity of this error significantly boosts its value, with pristine examples fetching upwards of $2,500. 

Unlike its copper-nickel clad counterparts, the 1976-S Silver Proof Quarter was struck in 40% silver and exclusively minted for collectors.  

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