How to Choose Crystals That Are Correct for Your Sign

Aries: Bloodstone "Bloodstone is believed to enhance courage and vitality, qualities that resonate well with Aries' energetic and adventurous nature. 

Taurus: Rose Quartz "Rose quartz is known as the stone of love and compassion, which aligns with Taurus' nurturing and affectionate characteristics. 

It promotes emotional healing and fosters a sense of security and harmony." Gemini: Citrine

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Cancer: Moonstone "Moonstone is linked to intuition, emotional balance and cycles, which resonate deeply with Cancers' sensitive and nurturing traits.

It helps them navigate their emotions and enhances their connection to the lunar energy."

Leo: Sunstone "Sunstone embodies the warmth, vitality and leadership qualities of Leo.

It boosts confidence, creativity and self-expression, aligning perfectly with Leos' desire to shine and lead with passion."

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