How to observe the quadrantid meteor shower, which will peak with two "shooting stars" every minute

Peaking in early January, this meteor shower promises a dazzling show with an average of two meteors streaking across the sky every minute.  

Here’s how you can best observe this cosmic phenomenon and make the most of this astronomical event. 

The Quadrantid meteor shower is named after an obsolete constellation called Quadrans Muralis, which is now part of the constellation Boötes.  

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Unlike other meteor showers that last for several days, the Quadrantids have a relatively short peak, lasting only a few hours.  

This brief yet intense display makes it a must-see for stargazers. 

The Quadrantid meteor shower typically peaks around January 3rd to 4th. The peak time is crucial as the meteor activity can increase dramatically. 

For 2024, the peak is expected to occur on the night of January 3rd and the early hours of January 4th. 

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