The Easy Tricks To Help You Pick A Great Cantaloupe

1. Smell the area where the stem was attached. A ripe cantaloupe will have a sweet, slightly musky aroma. If it doesn't smell fragrant, it may not be ripe. 2. 

Look for a cantaloupe with a prominent, well-defined netting pattern on its skin. The background color should be a golden or creamy hue, rather than green. 

Gently press the ends of the cantaloupe. A ripe one will yield slightly under pressure but should not be too soft. Avoid cantaloupes that are too firm or too mushy. 

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A ripe cantaloupe should feel heavy for its size. Heaviness indicates that it is full of juice and ripe. 

Tap the cantaloupe lightly with your knuckles. A ripe cantaloupe will produce a deep, hollow sound. If it sounds dense or dull, it may not be ripe. 

If the cantaloupe still has a bit of stem attached, it should be slightly soft and easily yield to pressure. A green, fresh stem may indicate that the fruit was picked too early. 

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