How to Store Bananas So They Last Longer

Bananas release ethylene gas, which speeds up the ripening process. To slow down ripening, separate bananas from the bunch. You can leave them attached if you plan to consume them soon, but for longer storage, it's best to keep them apart. 

– The stems of bananas are where ethylene gas is released most. To further slow down ripening, wrap plastic wrap around the stems of each banana. This helps to contain the gas and prevent it from reaching the rest of the fruit. – 

Bananas should be stored at room temperature until they reach the desired ripeness. Avoid storing them in the refrigerator unless they are very ripe and you want to slow down the ripening process significantly. 

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– Hanging bananas can prevent bruising and keep them fresher for longer. Banana hangers or hooks allow air to circulate around the fruit, which helps to slow down the ripening process and prevents them from becoming overripe too quickly. – 

Ethylene gas can cause other fruits nearby to ripen more quickly. Keep bananas away from other fruits, especially those that are sensitive to ethylene gas, such as apples, avocados, and tomatoes. 

If you have a bunch of bananas, wrapping the stem of the bunch with plastic wrap can help slow down the ripening process. This method works similarly to wrapping individual stems by containing the release of ethylene gas. 

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