If the signs of the zodiac were superheroes

Aries: The Ignited Instigator With insatiable thirst for power, Aries emerges as the Ignited Instigator, destructing landscapes with flames in their wake.

Taurus: The Earthbound Colossus Beneath Taurus’s stoic exterior, they have immense strength and unswerving determination. 

They have the ability to swallow up ground, destruct buildings, cause earthquakes and change the entire map of the world.

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Gemini: The Dualistic Dynamo The manipulative, cunning and twisted psychic, Gemini – the dualistic dynamo who can twist minds, distort truths, gaslight your consciousness 

Cancer: Mind-Melding Empath Behind the nurturing façade of Cancer, they wear the cloak of manipulation. 

Leo: Solar Sovereign Luminary With their commanding presence, Leo radiate blinding light that draws power from the sun itself. 

Virgo: Precision Puppeteer With their piercing eyes and analytical minds, Virgo possess the power to twist reality into utter darkness

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