Is This Uncommon Quarter You Own Worth Up to $95,000?

The quarter in question is the 1970-S Proof Washington Quarter, but it's no ordinary 1970-S quarter.  

This specific coin is a mint error that has fascinated numismatists and collectors alike. 

In 1970, the San Francisco Mint produced proof sets for collectors. 

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These proof sets are known for their high-quality finish and detailed strikes, making them highly desirable among collectors.  

However, a small number of these proof sets contained a significant minting error: the quarters were mistakenly struck on 1941 Canadian quarter blanks. 

This error resulted in a unique blend of U.S. and Canadian coinage that has captured the attention of the numismatic community. 

The rarity of the 1970-S Proof Washington Quarter struck on a 1941 Canadian quarter blank lies in its exceptional nature.  

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