Let's Discuss Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility.

Do you know why they call them water signs? Because they’re always crying!

Still waters run deep, and that’s def true for both Scorpio and Cancer. These signs are both very emotional, emotionally intelligent, and intuitive. 

They have a tight circle of loved ones rather than a wide group of acquaintances, and they don’t let others in easily. 

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Cancer and Scorpio: Friendship Compatibility Cancer and Scorpio have a good chance at forming a solid friendship, if only one of them makes the first move!

Both of these signs tend to have a “no new friends” policy, so while they’ll probably get along perfectly well,

it might take some initiative to take them from “friendly acquaintance” to “actual close friend.” 

Cancer and Scorpio: Sexual Compatibility For this couple, sex could either be amazing or meh. Both Scorpio and Cancer see physical intimacy as intertwined with emotional intimacy

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