Most Valuable U.S. Coins That Collectors Go Crazy For

Even though the U.S. is one of the younger countries of the world, its coinage can be worth an insane amount compared to other collectible coins produced around the globe. 

In fact, these five most valuable U.S. coins are among the top 10 most valuable in the world. So, which ones are worth the most and why? Let's find out... 

Only five 1913 Liberty Head Nickels were struck, which makes them quite unique among coin collectors. This one that sold at auction for $4.56 million in 2018 is the most valuable of its kind. Originally purchased by Louis E. 

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The first American dollars were produced in 1794, so this coin is one of the oldest in the nation. There was only one variety of die used for the 1794 dollar, and it was supposedly retired that year. 

The oldest coin on this list, the Brasher doubloon was made by Ephraim Brasher, who was George Washington's neighbor in New York City after the Revolutionary War. 

President Franklin Roosevelt ordered for all 1933 $20 coins (except for two reserved for the Smithsonian Institute) to be destroyed before they were declared legal currency, so this coin should never have even left the mint. 

With a grade of "Specimen," the strike of this coin is the same as the one previously mentioned and is believed to be an initial "test" strike, which is why the two coins are the only ones with this specific pattern. 

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