My Penny Was Lost. In just seven seconds, can you find the lost coin hidden on the floor?

As you stand back to admire your hard work, you notice a small, gleaming object out of the corner of your eye.  

You lean in for a closer look and realize that it's a penny. Or rather, it was a penny. Now, it seems to have vanished. 

It’s not on the table, not on the chair, not even under the rug. You know it’s somewhere on the floor, but where could it be? 

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Finding a lost penny may seem trivial, but the challenge can be surprisingly engaging, especially when you give yourself just seven seconds to do it.  

But before you start, let's consider why this small task can be so captivating and what makes it a perfect exercise for a quick mental workout. 

Humans have a natural inclination for puzzle-solving and a deep-seated satisfaction in finding hidden objects. 

It requires concentration, sharp vision, and the ability to quickly process visual information. 

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