Quick Fixes for Perfect Celebratory Cocktails to Save Your Party

I still use the tricks I learned all the time, whether I am batching portions of a cocktail behind the bar at the Simple Goodness Sisters Soda Shop to help our baretnders serve the line quickly, or I am having friends over at home. 

I batch my cocktails ahead of time, sometimes I serve them in pitchers or self serve bars, or, I set up an interactive DIY bar as both a drink station and an activity for guests. 

After all, when I am hosting there is probably some bread to replenish, a water gun to fill, a request for a bandaid to address. 

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Hosting, especially the way I do it which is usually with kids around, can be chaos. 

it is the happiest kind of chaos, where each moment is filled with life and noise. I love it, AND also I want to enjoy the people around me rather than work at bartending. 

I'm going to tell you the basics you need to know to pre-batch your cocktails for hosting. 

Pre-mixing up cocktail ingredients in a big batch is the easiest way to serve drinks for a party, but there are some basic rules to follow to ensure they still taste good when you serve them hours or even days later. 

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