Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $10 Million USD: 2 More Worth over $900,000💰

The $9.9 Million Bicentennial Quarter In a jaw-dropping auction spectacle, a bicentennial quarter minted in 1976 stole the spotlight by nearly reaching the $10 million mark.

Such errors are exceptionally rare, rendering this quarter a coveted prize among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The Sought-After 1976 Bicentennial Drummer Boy Quarter Another highly coveted bicentennial quarter is the 1976 Drummer Boy design.

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While these quarters are relatively common in circulation, those minted in 1976 with a special mint mark command substantial prices in the collector’s market.

The Elusive Bicentennial Quarter With No Mint Mark Among the bicentennial quarters, those lacking a mint mark are particularly elusive.

The Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarters During the bicentennial celebrations, the United States Mint issued special silver proof sets containing bicentennial quarters, among other coins.

These sets were produced with a higher level of craftsmanship and using 40% silver composition, adding to their allure.

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