Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $36 Million: Plus 7 More Valuable Coin

1. This coin is one of the first silver dollars minted by the United States and is highly sought after by collectors. In 2013, an example sold for over $10 million.

1. The 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar is one of the rarest and most famous coins in American numismatics. Only 15 are known to exist, and they can fetch millions at auction.

1. The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel is another highly sought-after coin due to its rarity. Only five are known to exist, and they have sold for millions of dollars.

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1. The 1933 Double Eagle is a gold coin that was never officially released for circulation due to changes in currency laws. However, a few examples were illegally circulated, and they have sold for over $7 million at auction.

1. In 1943, pennies were supposed to be made of zinc-coated steel due to copper shortages during World War II. However, a few pennies were mistakenly struck in copper, making them extremely rare and valuable.

– In 1974, a few aluminum pennies were struck at the Denver Mint as a test, but they were never released into circulation. One example sold for over $1 million in a private transaction.

1. The Dior Lady Dior Bag is a classic and feminine handbag that has been a favorite among fashion icons for decades. With its quilted Cannage pattern and iconic charms, the Lady Dior is a symbol of timeless elegance.

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