Rare Quarters Worth Some Serious Money

The quarter was established by the Mint Act of April 2, 1792, along with four other silver coin denominations: half dimes, dimes, half dollars and silver dollars 

There have been seven basic designs of the U.S. quarter. Most of these are known by the design on the obverse of the coin, though one, the Barber, is instead named for its designer 

While commemorative quarters have inspired many to collect coins, value is determined by rarity and condition, so the most valuable quarters include several of the oldest  

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It is estimated that about 3,900 of these were Full Heads. Today, 65 Full Heads are known, but only two are finer than this one, which is why it's a valued collector's item. 

While 1,836,000 quarters were produced in San Francisco in 1919, the date on many of these has worn off.

The San Francisco Mint produced 72,664 quarters in 1901, and most of them were placed in circulation.

The 1927-S is one of the rarest of the Standing Liberty quarters. These coins possessed some of the weakest strikes, due to the complexity of the design 

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