The Oldest Coin In Circulation

– The British pound sterling is one of the oldest continuously used currencies in the world. The pound has a long history dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, and the pound coin has been in circulation in its current form since 1983.

– The Japanese yen, introduced in the 19th century, has a history dating back to the Tokugawa era. The yen coin has been in circulation for many years, with various designs and denominations.

– The Spanish real, a historic currency used in Spain and its colonies, was one of the world's first global currencies. While the real is no longer in circulation, its legacy can be seen in modern currencies like the Mexican peso.

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– The Roman denarius, a silver coin used in the Roman Republic and Empire, is one of the most famous ancient coins. While not in modern circulation, the denarius was used for centuries and influenced coinage in Europe.

– Chinese cash coins have a long history dating back to ancient times. These round coins with a square hole in the center were used for over two millennia in China and other East Asian countries.

– The Greek drachma, an ancient currency used in Greece, dates back to antiquity. While the modern Greek drachma was replaced by the euro in 2002, the historical significance of the drachma is notable.

Focus on identifying any inconsistencies or differences in shape, size, orientation, or color between the pairs. 

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