Suitable Complementary Astrological Signs

Aries and Leo Dynamic in nature and with a lust for life, this pairing is full of fun and adventure. 

Both signs are proud of their ability to be straightforward with their words but may need to keep their competitive natures to a minimum

Taurus and Capricorn Two earth signs make for the most natural of couples. Horoscope gives them a 9/10 on

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the compatibility scale, suggesting that ‘they understand each other deeply while sharing the same life goals and values.’

Cancer and Pisces Brought together by a deep emotional bond, this water sign couple has creativity written all over them.

Cancer gives Pisces the security that they so badly crave, and they both share the same introverted nature, loyalty, and intuitive abilities.

Pisces and Virgo We love to see a couple that thrives on their dissimilarities. This is an easy-going duo that you’ll often recognize as the mum and dad of the group;

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