Swifties Demand NFL Ban For Travis Kelce’s Teammate Harrison Butker Over ‘Misogynistic’ Commencement Speech

The uproar stems from Butker’s commencement speech at his alma mater, Georgia Tech, which Swifties have deemed as misogynistic. 

Butker, a teammate of NFL star Travis Kelce, now faces mounting pressure as calls for his suspension or ban from the league gain traction. 

On a seemingly ordinary day at the Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating students and esteemed guests gathered to celebrate the culmination of years of hard work. 

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Among the speakers was Harrison Butker, known to many as a talented kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Butker’s speech, social media platforms lit up with criticism and condemnation from Swifties worldwide. 

The primary point of contention was Butker’s alleged perpetuation of misogynistic attitudes and beliefs. 

Swifties took offense at Butker’s remarks, interpreting them as demeaning towards women and contrary to the values of equality and respect. 

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