The 8 Realities of Living with a Golden Retriever

Goldens have such a pretty coat, but they shed worse than any girl ever will. Their hair will end up in fluffy dust balls in corners, under the couch, attached to the edges of rugs, and all over your bed. 

You set your dinner down on the table, walk away for one second, and come back to find an empty plate. 

There is nothing like the excitement of a golden retriever. A tail starts wagging simply because you walk into the same room. 

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Yes, that golden coat is beautiful, but it also attracts every bit of dirt, fallen leaves, and small twigs that your backyard has to offer. 

They know when you’re about to leave, and like the little guilt machines they are, they turn those big ole puppy dog eyes on you. Oh, were you excited for a night out? Well, you can’t enjoy it now. 

A walk is like winning the lottery to golden retrievers. That tail will start wagging so violently that his or her whole body will wiggle from side to side.  

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