The Dog Breeds Most Likely to Get Cancer

Known for their friendly disposition, Golden Retrievers are sadly prone to various types of cancer, including lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma. 

Similar to Golden Retrievers, Labs are susceptible to cancers like lymphoma and mast cell tumors. 

Boxers have a high predisposition to developing mast cell tumors, a type of cancer that originates from cells in the immune system. 

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This large breed is prone to a range of cancers, including histiocytic sarcoma, a cancer of the immune system. 

– Rottweilers have a higher incidence of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) compared to many other breeds. – 

Great Danes are at risk for developing various cancers, including osteosarcoma and lymphoma. 

Scottish Terriers have a higher incidence of bladder cancer compared to other breeds. 

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