The Life Line's Secrets on a Person's Palm

According to palm readers, the lines and marks on your hands and fingers foretell you personality traits and even your destiny. 

One of the most important lines on your hand—obviously—if your life line, but do you know how to properly read this line?

The life line is the one on your dominant hand (the one you write with) that begins somewhere in the space between your thumb and your index finger.

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Not many people know this, but where—precisely—this line begins can apparently say a lot about a person’s personality.

If the line begins close to the base of the index finger, on a section of the hand palmistry experts call “the mound of Jupiter,” 

then it usually indicates that the person has a high degree of ambition. That they maybe knew what it was they wanted to do with their life from a very young age.

Alternately, if your life line stars more toward the middle of your palm, it means that you have a good sense of balance when it comes to your ambitions and your quality of life.

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